To share the development experience with other countries

To strengthen bilateral relations between Malaysia and other developing countries

To promote the South-South Cooperation (SSC)

To promote the technical cooperation among developing countries



Day 1
18 Sep 2018

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Country Representatives’ Presentation
  • Visit to CyberSecurity Malaysia’s Laboratories

Day 2
19 Sep 2018

AM: Visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia

PM: Cyber Security Essentials

  1. Cyber Security: The New Frontier;
  2. Cyber Security & Cyber Crimes;
  3. Cyber Security Management;
  4. Introduction to Cyber Terrorism;
  5. Internet Radicalization;
  6. Terrorist use of the Internet;
  7. Cyber Terrorism Framework; and
  8. Case studies.

Day 3 - 4
20 - 21 Sep 2018

Incident Handling and Network Security Framework

Module 1 - Introduction Security Incident & Incident Handling

  1. Security Incident, processes and the framework
  2. Incident Handling
    • Security Incident Priority
    • Handling Intrusion Incident
    • Handling Malware Incident
    • Handling Phishing Incident
    • Handling Spam Incident

Module 2 - Log Analysis

  1. Introduction to the Log Analysis
  2. Log Management
  3. Log Visualization
  4. Log Analysis
  5. Hands-on

Module 3 - Hands-on Mini Cyber Drill

  1. Web Security Analysis
    • Analysis of SQL Injection attack
    • Analysis of RFI attack
  2. Analysis of LFI attack

Day 5 - 7
22 - 24 Sep 2018

Certified Cyber Defender Associate

Module 1 : Understanding the Current Threat Landscape

  • CIS Top 20 Critical Controls
  • Cyber Range
  • Next Gen-Firewalls

Module 2 : New Age Threats

  • Viruses and worms
  • Malware
  • Zero day attacks
  • Vulnerability exploits
  • Phishing / Social Engineering
  • Cyber Espionage / Data Theft

Module 3 : Reconnaissance

  • Port scan
  • Web based recon and information gathering
  • Command line query

Module 4 : Vulnerability Management

  • Host Scanning
  • Web Application Scanning
  • CVE
  • Defending against CVE Vulnerability Attacks

Module 5 : Monitoring and Defending against Advanced Attacks

  • Splunk - A SIEM monitoring tool
  • Defending against IP layer DDOS Attacks
  • Defending against Transport layer DDOS Attacks
  • Defending against Application layer DDOS Attacks
  • Defending against Botnet and C&C

Module 6 : Advanced Security Operations

  • Malware Blocking
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP) / Data Filtering
  • File Blocking
  • URL Filtering
  • Evasion Tactics

Module 7 : Live Fire lab

  • Defending Network Under Attack
  • Parsing Network Under Attack
  • Packet Analysis and Diagnostics

Day 8
25 Sep 2018

Cyber Security Malaysia - Awards, Conference & Exhibition (CSM-ACE)

Day 9
26 Sep 2018

Certified Cyber Defender Associate (con’t.)

Day 10
27 Sep 2018

  • Presentation on Plan of Action
  • Closing Ceremony


  1. IT professionals and decision makers from the ASEAN and OIC-CERT member countries who wish to learn about the cyber security domain.
  2. Information Security practitioners who are seeking to learn and improve their knowledge and skills in the field of cyber security.
  3. Critical custodians who are interested to understand and develop technical capabilities in information security management, incident handling and security assessment.


Application should be made using the prescribed MTCP forms available at https://mtcpcoms.kln.gov.my/mtcpcoms/online/list_course

The form must be endorsed by the participating countries’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Focal Point. The completed forms must be submitted to the relevant Malaysian Embassy or High Commission. Please ensure all required information is provided and legible.

The application form must be submitted together with:

  • Copy of the passport;
  • Passport size colour photo (3.5cm x 5cm); and
  • Medical Report.

Note: Only successful applicants will be notified. No written notification will be sent to unsuccessful applicants.


  1. Below 50 years of age;
  2. Two or more years of working experience in cyber security area / incident handling;
  3. A Bachelor degree holder;
  4. Proficient in the English language; and
  5. Medically fit.



The terms and conditions of the scholarship / fellowship awards under the MTCP include the followings:

  1. Airfares:
    A return air ticket from the capital city of the recipient country to Kuala Lumpur on economy class is provided for participants. Please refer to the MTCP website for further details. Expenditures such as Visa and transit fees, excess baggage fees are borne by the participants.

  2. Accommodation:
    Full board accommodation will be provided for the duration of the training. Participants are not allowed to change any arrangement done by the training institution.

  3. Courses fees:
    All courses fees will be borne by the Government of Malaysia under the MTCP.

  4. Medical Treatment:
    Candidates should be certified medically and physically fit to participate in this program. In the case of emergencies and in need of medical treatment, the medical expenses in a government hospital will be borne by the Government of Malaysia.

  5. Visa & Vaccination:
    It is mandatory for all the MTCP participants to follow the Visa With Reference (VWR) application procedure. Once the approval is obtained, the training institution should send a copy of VDR approval letter to the participants. Subsequently, with the copy of the approval, the participants may get the VDR from the nearest Embassy of Malaysia. Wherever applicable, participants are advised to arrange for vaccination on their own prior to travel to Malaysia. Successful participants are advised to arrange for their own visa and vaccination prior to their travel. All expenses to fulfil these requirements will be borne by the participants. Successful participants are required to submit a coloured photocopy of the first page of their valid passport to the training institution for immigration purpose.

  6. General Condition of Award:
    Applicants shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner compatible with their responsibilities as MTCP scholarship holders and abide by the rules and regulation of the training institution.
    The award may be terminated at any time due to unsatisfactory progress and conduct of the applicants.

**Participants are NOT allowed to bring along their spouse for the duration of the course.




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